Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Today, credit card, debit card, Visa card, gift card, or any other card is the most convenient payment method. With everyday advancements in technology and the payment regime of plastic money, various questions might arise regarding its usage and risks associated with it. MyBPCreditCard being one of the most popular payment methods in the United States is used by many people. Hence, there are many questions they put forward to the company on an everyday basis. We, at MyBPCreditCard, have managed to formulate a few Frequently Asked Questions and answered them for your assistance. The questions are framed with a holistic and comprehensive approach for your better understanding. Go through the below FAQs for your help. Further, it goes without saying that in case of any additional queries or issues, you are free to contact the customer support team at MyBPCreditCard.

  • What is MyBPCreditCard?

MyBPCreditCard is an official online platform to log in to your account linked to your BP Credit Card. BP Credit Card is a payment card for gas filling, groceries, dining, shopping, and much more. MyBPCreditCard online platform helps you manage your card.

  • What are the places that I can use my BP Credit Card?

There are two most popular BP cards. One is the BP Credit Card, which can only be used at BP gas stations to earn rewards such as discounted gas prices. The other one being BP Visa Credit Card, which can be used at any place where Visa cards are accepted, such as dining, groceries, gas stations, shopping, etc.

  • I have to pay my BP Credit Card bill, how do I do that easily?

Visit, register yourself, and then log in to your account, you can easily pay your pending bills at the click of a button.

  • What are the various rewards associated with the usage of the card?

BP Credit Card offers the reward programs with the usage of every BP Credit Card. For example, on spending $100 at any store such as dining, groceries, etc., you get a $0.10 off on every gallon of gas. There are various offers from time to time revising the said offer. Further, as an introductory offer, you get 90 days to avail a $0.25 off on every gallon of gas on the spending of $100 at any outlet.

  • Can I use MyBPCreditCard outside the United States?

No, the services of BP Credit Card are only available in the States. You cannot use the card elsewhere.

  • I forgot my password associated with MyBPCreditCard, how do I log in?

When you visit the official website of the BP Card at, you will find two options below the login box, “find user ID” and “reset password.” Select either of them as per your need, and you will receive an email to reset the same.

We hope that you got answers to your questions with these FAQs. If not, feel free to get in touch with our customer support team for any residual doubts.